Why a New Construction and Home Design ‘Musts’ for Child Safety?

Why a New Construction and Home Design ‘Musts’ for Child Safety?

New Construction

Building a new home is an exciting thing as you can create your own space that functions well for the entire family. But you should keep in mind about your child if you have during this process. So here are some tips for a family with young children.

New Construction and Home Design ‘Musts’ for Child Safety

Easy Washable Walls

You can choose padded or carpeted walls, and this is good for insulation. And for the active kids since it won’t harm your baby, and they won’t get injured. However, if you think the padded or carpeted walls are very expensive, then pick up materials that are effortless to clean, at the same time, stain-resistant.



For any parent, the stair is one of the most daunting parts of any house. You can add a wooden gate on the stair to keep it safer for your child. When you add a gate, they cannot be climbing up the stairs or keep your little bundle of joy from falling.



Use slip-proof material to keep the floor safe for your baby. You can consider a padded carpet flooring so that even if the baby missteps, the floor can semi-cushion his fall. If you have a tight budget, use carpet on the areas your baby is most likely to go.


Windows and Doors

If your kids suddenly shut the doors and hands get on the threshold, it could be serious injuries. Thus, while building a new house, you can go with all hydraulic closers or add a stopper. Or you can go with the doors or windows, which don’t include any ropes that your baby cannot snag on.



While planning the house, ask the contractor to make your kid’s bathroom non-slippery. If the floor tiles, then add carpet. Add a stool so that the baby can reach the bathtub easily. Also, don’t forget to make their toilet kid-friendly.



The kitchen is considered the heart of a home which is the most used room. So this required careful design with plenty of space. Create a safety zone where your baby won’t come. Moreover, keep out scissors and knives to others in a safe place.


Durable Material

Children can be very messy, and it’s not a secret at all. Therefore, you should think of investing in durable materials that can stay strong for years to come. For bedrooms, and the kitchen, pick a hard countertop. For example, you can choose a granite surface since it can be wiped down and cleaned easily. Either you can go with a two-toned carpet which is a great solution for masking the inevitable stains. However, choose any scratch or stain-resistant flooring ideal for non-carpeted areas.


Create a Room for Laundry

While building your house, you should consider putting a laundry room close to the bedrooms. This is an added convenience for washing clothes. However, ensure you keep away the cleaning essentials for your child.


Play Spaces

Usually, when designing a home with kids, the play spaces are often designed poorly. Most parents think it is not necessary since kids grow so fast. But as a parent, you should keep it and make the space more flexible so that your child enjoys everything. However, building the room with safety in mind. For instance, make sure the room has carpeted with non-slippery material.


When it comes to your child’s safety, it is a great concern. If you are thinking of constructing a new home, ensure the walls are easy to clean and maintain. The rooms should be carpeted, attach a gate on the stair so the baby cannot pass it. Also, the kitchen utensils should be in a safe place. And try to avoid any glass decoration since it has high risks.

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