How to Solve Those Kids Causing Toilet Plumbing Problems

How to Solve Those Kids Causing Toilet Plumbing Problems

Toilet Plumbing Problems

Water is a favorite pastime for many children. Kids may have a lot of fun with water in the bathroom, whether it’s in the shower, sink, or toilet.

As a result, your children’s bathroom use puts them at particular risk for plumbing issues. Here are some of the most typical plumbing problems that children cause, along with suggestions for avoiding or correcting them.


Toilet Paper Overflow!

Taking the roll of toilet paper off the roll and heaping it in the toilet bowl may be a lot of fun for kids. Your toilet, on the other hand, can only handle so much paper at a time. This means that when your child flushes, you might be in for a serious blockage.

There is a risk of a flood if they wash many times to conceal evidence. Parents should never leave their children unattended in the bathroom to avoid this typical plumbing problem.

As most parents will attest, this isn’t always as simple as it seems. Ensure to intervene if you notice your youngster in the middle of a project.

Once you’ve gathered all of the paper, get a pair of gloves and toss it all away. Your emergency plumber nyc could fix things if it were too late to halt them in their tracks.


The Blocks Swimming!

While you’re scrubbing, your child will enjoy playing with bath toys. Your youngster may believe that this indicates that other toys can also be used in the bath. Toys that are small enough to fit down the drain, such as building blocks, are more prone to create plumbing problems.

A clogged drain can be caused by small, hard items getting caught in your pipes. Your youngster should tell you which toys are OK for the bath and which ones are not. For optimal safety, children should be monitored at all times while playing in or near the bathtub.


Lock Down the Toilet

Toilets pique the interest of even young children. The water comes out when you press the flush button. The toilet is similar to a kid’s play pool in many ways. Young children are unaware that the water is unsafe.

Therefore, they may even ingest it if they have access to it. Toilets can potentially be a source of drowning. The easiest solution to avoid toilet accidents and illness is to install a toilet lock that stops youngsters from opening the lid.

Consider adding a flush-lever lock if you’re concerned about your youngster flushing the toilet all the time. The flush lock provides a backup safety measure if the toilet lid isn’t locked.


Putting in Drain Protectors

Small apertures pique a child’s innate curiosity, as you may have already seen. Children have a great time fitting items in holes and seeing how things go together. Curiosity is usually an excellent learning tool for children’s growth.

It’s a different scenario when it comes to your drains. Ensure your gutters don’t become playgrounds for toddlers by covering them up. Drain covers are essential. If these drains are blocked with crackers, toys, or other household things, flooding from a busted pipe, heavy rain or a malfunctioning appliance will be considerably worse.

Toddlers may also be curious about bathroom drains. A built-in push-plug drain is an excellent option for a sink. Keep your youngster out of the bathroom by placing a plastic door handle cover over the door handle if you can’t find this sort of plug.


Purchase Seasonal Services

Maintaining regular plumbing maintenance is the greatest method to avoid significant repairs and damage caused by a foreign object in your pipes. They may clean your drains and pipes, check your septic tank and pump, or look at your system as a whole.

Plumbing problems can strike at any time. A-1 Tri-County Plumbing in Seguin, TX, has 24-hour emergency plumbers who can help you.

Three decades ago, this team of trained plumbers worked with everything from restroom remodels to new water heater installations in Texas.

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