Five Practical Plumbing Features for Kid-Friendly Bathrooms

Five Practical Plumbing Features for Kid-Friendly Bathrooms

Kid-Friendly Bathrooms

Don’t forget about the bathroom if you plan to remodel your home and make it more kid-friendly for your child. Most of the time, people create the bathroom having adults in mind. But unfortunately, these adult-sized bathrooms are difficult for your little one.

Well, here we’ve shared some crucial things so that you can make the

bathroom effortless for your bundle of joy.

5 Plumbing Features for Kid-Friendly Bathrooms

  1. Textured Flooring 
  2. Child-sized Toilet and Urinal
  3. Hands-free Faucets
  4. Easy Access Bathtub
  5. Water Heater


  1. Textured Flooring 

One of the serious safety risks for young children is bathroom floors. Usually, the bathroom floors are slippery, so that’s a real concern where your children go. Thus, you can plan a textured floor design for your child to make it safer. This will ensure your child gets sure footing even if the floor is wet, and you can be worry-free when using the bathroom.

  1. Child-sized Toilet and Urinal

An adult-sized toilet is not ideal for young children. They cannot climb on it properly even if they do not understand the flushing mechanism since it is hard for the little hands. You can use a potty chair, but it’s not efficient most of the time.

Thus, use a kid-friendly toilet which gives added safety. Usually, these toilets have self-closing lids that automatically lock after each use. You can install this type of toilet in your child’s bathroom to easily develop potty training. And if you have little boys, then include a kid-sized urinal too.

  1. Hands-free Faucets

For the little hands, faucets aren’t always easy to handle. Even if you keep a stool in the bathroom, sometimes it could be hard for them to turn on/off the water. So, install a hands-free faucet in your little one’s bathroom. It will be easier for those little hands when needed, also, it ensures personal hygiene.

  1. Easy Access Bathtub

Bathtubs could be a serious problem for your baby, and this problem is serious when you have standard-sized bathtubs. Hence, the taller side could be difficult for them. That’s why you should consider an easy access bathtub that would be handy.

Usually, shallower tubs make it effortless for children; they can easily climb on the tub. In addition, you can add a safety grip to the sides so that your baby gets a secure grip with their wet hands.

  1. Water Heater

You should also take steps to prevent burns when designing a child’s bathroom. Most of the time, burns are associated with hot water that occurs in the bathroom, and your baby should never have access to water that is hotter than 38-degree celsius.

But when your child learns to use the bathroom on their own, you can use a separate water heater. This water heater lets you set the temperature; thus, you can create a safe setting.

So, these are the five plumbing fixtures so that you can create a kid-friendly bathroom. You can read out more design ideas that will take your experience to the next level.

Bathroom Design Ideas for your Children


  1. Step tool – As we mentioned above, use a step stool. This will make your child effortlessly use a bathroom of their own. In addition, when you keep a stool, they can easily climb up on the surfaces they need.


  1. Open Shelving – You can organize your child’s bathroom by adding an open shelve. An open shelf is very convenient to use since your child could see everything. And they can easily pick the essentials they need.


  1. Colorful Shower Curtain – Generally, children are fascinated by cute shower curtains, so you can add colorful curtains in the bathtub areas. Let your child choose the curtain piece they want; that would be ideal as they can learn how to make decisions.


  1. Photo Frame – Add some photographs to the bathroom to make it more beautiful. Usually, children love seeing their own photographs, so go ahead and make their bathroom things personal. You can also add some family photos to the wall.


  1. Organization Hooks – An organization hook is one of the effective decluttering solutions for towels. Using organization hooks will give them a sense of responsibility as well.


  1. Bringing Bathroom to Scale – By bringing everything lower, you can make your bathroom more child-friendly.

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